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- Welcome to the Official LCDproc homepage! -
LCDproc is a piece of open source software that displays real-time system information from your Linux/*BSD box on a LCD. The server supports several serial and USB devices from Matrix Orbital and CrystalFontz as well as some devices connected to the LPT port: HD44780, T6963, SED1520 and SED1330. Various clients are available that display things like CPU load, system load, memory usage, uptime, and a lot more.

- LCDproc v0.5.6 released 2012-11-04 -

LCDproc v0.5.6, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available. See the download section for details.

- domain is back again 2012-06-28 -

The LCDproc domain names (, and are pointing to the right page again. This was made possible by a generous donation by Crystalfontz America, Inc. Thank you very much!


- domain currently unavailable 2012-06-04 -

If you read this, you already found your way. Unfortunately the domain is currently claimed back by the registrar and does point to search / ad page. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Project services are not affected.

- LCDproc v0.5.5 released 2011-11-09 -

LCDproc v0.5.5, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available. See the download section for details.

- Forums re-opened 2011-10-06 -

We have opened the web 'Help' forum again. If you have a problem you may ask there for help. Please do not cross post your question to the mailing list.

The forum is hosted at Sourceforge and you need a Sourceforge account to post.

- LCDproc v0.5.5-pre1 released 2011-10-01 -

LCDproc v0.5.5-pre1, a release candidate of the next stable stable version of LCDproc is ready and available. Download.

This release includes some bug fixes as well as several updated drivers. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

- LCDproc v0.5.4 released 2011-02-19 -

LCDproc v0.5.4, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available. Download.

It features a few new drivers (SureElec, mdm166a) and connection types for hd44780 (usbtiny) as well as many fixes to existing drivers and the server core. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

- Sourceforge hack will delay new release 2011-01-30 -

As you may have read, Sourceforge has been hacked. They are currently restoring services but CVS is said to be available by the end of next week. This and some fixes I want to push into the release will delay finishing the new release.

- Pyramid Computer donated a display device 2011-01-29 -

Thanks to a hardware donation from Pyramid Computer GmbH I was able to track down a few bugs in the 'pyramid' driver.

- Re-worked drivers for graphical displays 2011-01-26 -

Thanks to a hardware donation from Crystalfontz I was able to test and correct the t6863 and sed1520 drivers.

While the re-worked t6963 driver has already been checked in, the new sed1520 driver cannot be committed due to an outage of the Sourceforge CVS service.

- LCDproc v0.5.4-pre1 released 2010-12-27 -

LCDproc v0.5.4-pre1, a pre-release version of the next LCDproc release is available. See the download section for details.

- MDM166A hardware donation 2010-12-02 -
Christian Hennek from donated one Futaba / Targa MDM166A unit to the project. Thank you!
- IdeaTorrent 2010-11-22 -

We implemented a new idea gathering (aka feature request) tool utilizing IdeaTorrent hosted on Sourceforge. Anyone with a Sourceforge user account may submit new ideas for LCDproc or vote for ideas of others.

Check it out at LCDproc's IdeaTorrent.

- Website updates 2010-11-15 -

Finally I (mmdolze) was assigned write access to the LCDproc website. After browsing the source code I found myself able to update large parts. Updates up to now:

  • Altough the site design should not look different to before, it now produces valid HTML. In a few places I had to use style attributes to achive this.
  • Some old stuff and not linked pages and images have been removed.
  • Texts and links have been updated. Some dead links were removed.
  • ChangeLogs for releases have been removed from the front page. They are now links to the download page.
  • Screenshots have been updated.
  • The 'testing' page has been removed.
  • The rules for adding new drivers are now published on the development page.
- Hardware donation 2010-01-11 -

Crystalfontz America, Inc. kindly donated a full set of displays including:

  • CFA533 (USB & serial)
  • CFA631 (USB)
  • CFA632 (USB & serial)
  • CFA633 (USB)
  • CFA634 (USB)
  • CFA635 (USB, external enclosure)

Thank you very much Brent!

- LCDproc v0.5.3 Released 2009-06-21 -

LCDproc v0.5.3, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available.

It features several new drivers (imonlcd, irtrans, i2500vfd, lis, mx5000, shuttleVFD) and connection types for hd44780 (ethlcd, ftdi, mplay, uss720, usblcd) as well as many fixes to existing drivers, the server core and clients. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

- Maintainer change Summer 2009 -

During the last years LCDproc project used a 'single maintainer' development model: All code commits and new releases are coordinated/done by a single maintainer. For the last years this job has been carried out by Peter Marschall.

At the end of 2008 Peter quit working as the maintainer of LCDproc.

I, Markus Dolze (current maintainer of the FreeBSD port) have stepped into his shoes answering question on the mailing list and committing patches. I will take the hat as Maintainer and are going to make the next release, too.

- LCDproc v0.5.2 Released 2007-04-27 -
LCDproc v0.5.2, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available. See here or the ChangeLog file in the sources for the most important changes compared to v0.5.1.
- LCDproc v0.5.1 Released 2006-10-14 -
LCDproc v0.5.1, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available. See here or the ChangeLog file in the sources for the most important changes compared to v0.5.0.
- LCDproc v0.5.0 Released 2006-04-15 -
Almost exactly 2 years after the previous stable LCDproc version the new stable version LCDproc v0.5.0 is available. There are far too many changes in this release to enumerate them all. See here for a list of changes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.
- CrystalFontz Driver Status 2004-07-21 -
We have received a GPL'ed version of the interfacing code for the CF631/633 from Brent Crosby at CrystalFontz. This means that all copyright issues have been resolved and we can continue working on the driver. Thanks a lot Brent!
- LCDproc v0.4.5 Released 2004-04-13 -
LCDproc v0.4.5 is available.

This release fixes two buffer overflow/format string vulnerabilities. It is recommended that all users upgrade to this release immediately as an exploit has been posted to bugtraq.

Please note that the LCDproc developers have not been notified of the bugtraq posting prior to its publishment and have not had the chance to react to it any earlier.

A detailled advisory has been sent to bugtraq (it will probably take a while for it to appear since bugtraq is moderated).

 * Fixed buffer overflow and format string vulnerabilities in the
   client communications code. The original bugtraq posting is somewhat misleading
   and/or incorrect. A correction will be posted ASAP.
 - Removed annoying "client crashed" message
- LCDproc v0.4.4 Released 2004-03-16 -
LCDproc v0.4.4 is available.

While 0.4.4 is mainly a bugfix release it also includes a few new things. See here for a list of changes or the ChangeLog file in the sources. A few bugs might at least be used for a local (or depending on your setup also remote) DoS attack. So make sure to upgrade and stay tuned for 0.5, since this is going to be the second last release of the 0.4.x branch.

Unfortunately the CFontz633 driver could not be included due to licensing constraints. We hope to either resolve those issues or rewrite the code in question as soon as possible and release 0.4.5 with it.

- LCDproc v0.4.4 Work in progress (Available for Testing) 11/21/02 -

On the Nightly Builds page you will find the next stable version of LCDproc (0.4.4 wannabe). The goal of this release is bug fixing 0.4.3 and additionnal driver. And it already contain an important memory leak fix and three new drivers: CFontz633, CwLnx and USBLCD.
CFontz633 is a driver for the new LCD from well known CrystalFontz from wich other LCD are supported since a long time.
CwLnx is a driver for LCD's from a Linux and embedded system friendly company named CwLinux.
The USBLCD driver comes as a HD44780 subdriver; it controls HD44780 compatible LCD's connected to a backpack available at via USB.
If you have a problem with LCDproc 0.4.3, please give a try at 0.4.4. However that nightly tarball do not always compile.

- LCDproc v0.4.3 Released May 30, 2002 -

LCDproc v0.4.3 is available for download. We've got lots of new features and bug fixes cooked up for this release. See here for a list of changes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

Yes, we never actually "released" LCDproc v0.4.2, because I'm stupid :) I've included v0.4.2's ChangeLog in this announcement so folks running v0.4.1 know what they're in for with this upgrade.

v0.4.3 is one of the last anticipated releases of the v0.4 series of LCDproc; we intend to release at least one more version, and more if bugs or security issues arise, but development for v0.5 is well underway.

- LCDproc v0.4.3 Prereleases Available for Testing 02/24/02 -

Visit the Nightly Builds page on our little slab of SourceForge's site for the latest development releases of both v0.4.3 (destined to be the next stable release) and v0.5 (the development, unstable branch).

To see the current status of the various drivers in the two LCDproc development branches (stable and unstable), visit our hardware page.

- LCDproc Development Continues 09/27/01 -

All has not been silent on the LCDproc front. There's tons of work underway right now to clean up the driver interface, add features, make LCDproc more secure, etc. Have a look at the download page to grab out latest CVS tarball right now, or have a look at the Sourceforge project page at for more details on the development.

If you want to contribute to the development, feel free to help us out! Join the mailing list, and throw your ideas into the mix! There's plenty to do.

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