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- Available downloads -

Source code packages of LCDproc releases 0.4-pre8 and later are available for download at Sourceforge. See below for direct links for released versions.

We also generate source code packages from the CVS tree every night. These so called 'nightly distributions' are available for download at the Nightly distributions page.

Earlier versions than 0.4-pre8 are available below, too.

Please note that we do not release pre-compiled binary packages!

- LCDproc v0.5.6 released 2012-11-04 -

LCDproc version 0.5.6 has been released and is available on Sourceforge. Download

This release includes some new drivers and some important updates to the build system. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

- LCDproc v0.5.5 released 2011-11-09 -

LCDproc version 0.5.5 has been released and is available on Sourceforge. Download

This release includes some bug fixes as well as several updated drivers. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

- LCDproc v0.5.4 released 2011-02-19 -

LCDproc version 0.5.4 has been released and is available on Sourceforge. Download

It features a few new drivers (SureElec, mdm166a) and connection types for hd44780 (usbtiny) as well as many fixes to existing drivers and the server core. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

- LCDproc v0.5.4-pre1 released 2010-12-27 -

LCDproc v0.5.4-pre1, a pre-release version of the next LCDproc release is available.

It features a few new drivers (SureElec, mdm166a) and connection types for hd44780 (usbtiny) as well as many fixes to existing drivers and the server core. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

The final 0.5.4 release is scheduled for end of January.

- LCDproc v0.5.3 Released 2009-06-21 -

LCDproc v0.5.3, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available.

It features several new drivers (imonlcd, irtrans, i2500vfd, lis, mx5000, shuttleVFD) and connection types for hd44780 (ethlcd, ftdi, mplay, uss720, usblcd) as well as many fixes to existing drivers, the server core and clients. For a brief list see the release notes or the ChangeLog file in the sources.

- LCDproc v0.5.2 Released 2007-04-27 -

LCDproc v0.5.2, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available.

Here are the most important changes compared to v0.5.1:

 * fix switching on/off the Load screen in lcdproc client using the menu
 * refactor adv_bignum: support height > 4, loadable chars with offset
 * ged rid of global variables buffer & tmp in lcdproc client
 + add init-script templates for LSB 3.x conforming systems
 * fix cellwidth in iMon driver
 + graphics character support in iMon driver (John Saunders)
 * try harder to find a shell in lcdexec
 + big number support in CwLnx driver via bignum library
 * do not copy more bytes than reserved in get_fs() in lcdproc's machine_*.c
 * update lcdproc's About screen with credits
 * fixes to ula200 build environment and documentation (B. Walle)
 * update g15 driver to be compatible with g15daemon > 1.2 (Anthony J. Mirabella)
 * allow compiling with LDFLAG "--as-needed" (Robert Buchholz)
 * optimize MtxOrb flush()
 * make MtxOrb use Brightness and OffBrightness like CFontzPacket
 * make Brightness & OffBrightness run-time configurable in CFontz & MtxOrb
 * add support for Iface and ProcSize screens for OS X / Darwin (Eric Pooch)
 * update & fix serialVFD driver (Stefan Herdler)
 + Hitachi SP14Q002 support & ConnectionType setting for sed1330 (Benjamin Wiedmann)
 * replace obsolete index() by strchr() (Guillaume LECERF)
 * fixes for CwLinux driver (Gideon Tsang)
 + new ConnectionType vdr-wakeup in hd44780 driver (originally Frank Jepsen)
 * fixes for the hd44780-serial drivers (Matteo Pillon)
 + new options for the hd44780 driver (Frank Jepsen)
 + new driver for text based serial Point of Sale displays (Eric Pooch)
 + new 2-line bignum mode using 6 user defined characters (Robin Gilks)
 * fix custom characters [with NewFirmware=yes] & backlight in CFontz
 + ea65 - driver for VFD in AOpen XC Cube AV EA65 barebones (Karsten Festag)
 + picolcd - driver for USB LCD picoLCD (Gatewood Green)
 + new ConnectionType pertelian in hd44780 driver (Matteo Pillon)
 + new ConnectionType lcd2usb in hd44780 driver
 + make LCDd's GoodBye message configurable
 - remove compile-time option to read configuration from LDAP
- LCDproc v0.5.1 Released 2006-10-14 -

LCDproc v0.5.1, the new stable version of LCDproc is ready and available.

Here are the most important changes compared to v0.5.0:

 + config file support in lcdproc client (Andrew Foss)
 * install server & client config files in $(sysconfdir)
 + new client lcdvc: virtual console on LCD
 * convert adv_bignum library to bitwise set_char()
 * adapt drivers to modified bignum library:
   + CFontz
   + CFontz633
   + CFontzPacket
   + hd44780
   + IOWarrior
   + MtxOrb
   + serialVFD
   + tyan
 + add iface screen(s) to lcdproc client (Andrew Foss/Markus Dolze)
 * update sample Perl clients
 * fix LCDd crash on shutdown of clients using "menu_set_main" (Andrew Foss)
 * fix sock_connect() to allow 0 as legal socket (Frederick Nacino)
 * improve serialVFD driver (Stefan Herdler)
 + add MD8800 driver for LCDs in Medion MD8800 PCs (Stefan Herdler/Martin Møller)
 * make bigclock client screen more flexible: centered, require only 14 chars
 * correct axis mapping logic for joystick driver (Jannis Achstetter)
 * fixes to the CFontz driver
 + new unified serial sub-driver for hd44780 (Matteo Pillon)
 - obsolete hd44780 subdrivers-removed: lcdserializer, picanlcd
 * character mapping for special HD44780 modules (Matteo Pillon)
 + g15 - driver for LCD in Logitech G15 gaming keyboards (Anthony J. Mirabella)
 + EyeboxOne - driver for the LCD display on the EyeboxOne (Cedric TESSIER)
 * more flexible parsing of config files: allow spaces around sections and keys
 * updated & extended documentation
 * command line options more synchronizd between server and clients
 * CFontzPacket & CFontz633 support big & little endian systems
 * MtxOrb driver completely rewritten to support used-defined characters
 * CwLnx driver completely rewritten to support Cw1602 LCDs in addition
   to the CW12232 LCDs
 * more options in lcdproc's config file lcdproc.conf:
   + time and date formats can be changed using strftime formats
   + Load screen's LowLoad & HighLoad thresholds
 * revamped lcdexec's menu configuration
 * various little fixes
- LCDproc v0.5.0 Released 2006-04-15 -

Almost exactly 2 years after the previous stable LCDproc version the new stable version LCDproc v0.5.0 is available.

There are far too many changes in this release to enumerate them all. Here are the most important ones:

+ dynamic loading of driver modules
* New API in use
+ LCDd will use fill-in functions for drivers that don't support a certain
  function. Available for: vbar, hbar, bignum, heartbeat, icon, cursor.
* Server internal functions cleaned up, moved to other files etc.
* Menu system rewritten
+ Client-supplied menus are now supported
* Key support improved: now keys  are strings, not just single letters
+ Reloading of configuration and drivers by sending a SIGHUP.
  Probably needs improvement ;)
* HD44780 output register support on winamp wiring
* Reporting levels are now used more consistently
+ lcdexec client added
* Display update frequency is now exactly 8Hz.
  Key scan frequency increased to 32Hz.
* Priority scheme changed. Priority classes are now used, that indicate what
  kind of a screen we're dealing with. More useful for interactive clients.
+ better support for operating systems other than Linux: *BSD, Darwin
+ menu support for lcdproc client (configure option)
+ Added CFontz633 driver for CrytalFontz CFA633
+ Added CFontzPacket driver fro CrystalFontz CFA-633, CFA-631, CFA-635
+ Added glcdlib meta-driver for all LCDs supported by graphlcd-base
+ Added icp_a106 driver for A106 alarm/LCD boards in 19" racks by ICP
+ Added imon driver for iMON IR/VFD Modules from Silverstone, Uneed, ...
+ Added IOWarrior driver for IOWarrior USB controllers
+ Added lcterm driver for serial LCD terminal from Neumark Elektronik
+ Added ms6931 driver for MSI-6931 displays in 1U rack servers by MSI
+ Added mtc_s16209x driver for MTC-S16209x by Microtips Technology Inc
+ Added NoritakeVFD driver for Noritake VFD Device CU20045SCPB-T28A
+ Added pyramid driver for Pyramid LC-Displays
+ Added serialVFD driver for NEC FIPC8367 based serial VFDs
+ Added tyan driver for LCDs in Tyan Barebone GS series
+ Added ula200 driver for the USB board ULA-200 from ELV
+ Added xosd driver for On Screen Display on X
+ Added HD44780 subdriver bwctusb for USB-to-LCD converters from BWCT
+ Added HD44780 subdriver lcdserializer for an serial-LCD converter
+ Added HD44780 subdriver i2c to conned LCDs using the I2C bus
+ Added HD44780 subdriver lis2 for the LIS2 serial-to-USB converter
- LCDproc v0.4.5 Released 2004-04-13 -

LCDproc v0.4.5 is available (Please download it from a mirror).

This release fixes two buffer overflow/format string vulnerabilities. It is recommended that all users upgrade to this release immediately as an exploit has been posted to bugtraq.

Please note that the LCDproc developers have not been notified of the bugtraq posting prior to its publishment and have not had the chance to react to it any earlier.

 * Fixed buffer overflow and format string vulnerabilities in the
   client communications code. The original bugtraq posting is somewhat misleading
   and/or incorrect. A correction will be posted ASAP.
 - Removed annoying "client crashed" message
- LCDproc v0.4.4 Released 2004-03-16 -

LCDproc v0.4.4 is available (Please download it from a mirror).

While 0.4.4 is mainly a bugfix release it also includes a few new things (see below for the Changelog). A few bugs might at least be used for a local (or depending on your setup also remote) DoS attack. So make sure to upgrade and stay tuned for 0.5, since this is going to be the second last release of the 0.4.x branch.

Unfortunately the CFontz633 driver could not be included due to licensing constraints. We hope to either resolve those issues or rewrite the code in question as soon as possible and release 0.4.5 with it.

 + Added Apple Network Server (ANS) LCD driver
 + Added option in curses to use our own ascii map
 * Fixed the bignum/backstore and flickering in CFontz
 + Added CFontz633 driver backported from CVS 0.5 (temporarily
   removed from the distribution)
 * Finished the LCDM001 driver
 * Fixed a memory leak in do_mainloop
 * Fixed MtxOrb driver problems when using a USB 2 serial adaptor
 + Added CwLnx driver (
 * Fixed a division by zero condition and other bugs in render.c
 + Added SGX120 driver by Harald Milz (
 * Fixed the Wirz-sli driver
 * Fixed the FreeBSD parallel port support
 + Added an USBLCD subdriver for HD44780 (
 * Improved parallel port support for old Linux (glibc1 and libc5)
- LCDproc v0.4.3 Released May 30, 2002 -

LCDproc v0.4.3 is available for download (also available from SourceForge). We've got lots of new features and bug fixes cooked up for this release:

 - Removed possibility of passing arguments to the drivers from the
   command line, which can be done in the configuration file now
 + Added configuration file support
 + Added ability of dropping root privileges to LCDd
 + Added LCDM001 driver (
 + Added Toshiba T6963 driver
 * Modified the CFontz driver so that the new ROM version is
 + Added ASCII emulation of BigNum to the drivers that did not
   support custom characters
 + Added ability of configuring (rearranging) the keypad of MtxOrb
 + Added .lircrc location to the options of the lirc driver
 * Fixed backlight code (partly rewritten)
 * Fixed heartbeat code (completely rewritten analogous to
   the backlight code)
 + Added init scripts for debian and Redhat/Mandrake
 + Added EPM list file so that you can use EPM
   ( to generate packages of LCDproc
 + Added documentation in docbook format
   (LCDproc User's Guide - docs/lcdproc-user)
 * Ported some screens of lcdproc to *BSD.
 * Ported the parallel port functions in port.h to *BSD.

 - Removed multiple output driver support - to simplify life
 * Removed use of sprintf() (in favor of snprintf) for security
 + Added ability to use defined port and address to listen on
   (for security) - now defaults to
 + Revamped curses driver: now supports color; has border; and
   can be (with recompile) placed anywhere on screen it fits
 + Added --waittime server argument.  You can now specify how long
   a screen should stay on the display.  The default is 64 ticks or
   8 seconds.
 + Fixed compile problems on non-Linux platforms where cfmakeraw,
   CBAUD, and ioperm don't exist.  All drivers now use the same code
   to initialize a serial port.

Yes, we never actually "announced" LCDproc v0.4.2, because I'm stupid :) I've included v0.4.2's ChangeLog in this announcement so folks running v0.4.1 know what they're in for with this upgrade.

v0.4.3 is one of the last anticipated releases of the v0.4 series of LCDproc; we intend to release at least one more version, and more if bugs or security issues arise, but development for v0.5 is well underway.

- LCDproc v0.4.1 Released! May 29, 2001 -

You can grab the newest version here:

- Installation instructions for v0.4.1 May 29, 2001 -
It's easy to install. Just follow these steps:
Download the latest version Run these commands:
Unpack it ---> tar xfvz lcdproc-0.4.1.tar.gz
Enter the lcdproc directory ---> cd lcdproc-x.x.x
Configure it for your system --->
If you need help, run "./configure --help"
Build it ---> make
Get root access ---> su
Install it ---> make install
Insert it in your system startup scripts. (depends on your system)
- New Release! v0.4-pre9 -

LCDproc v0.4-pre9 is now available!

 * small fixes for irix
 * Added flag in LCDd to shut off server screen:
        "-i off" or "--serverinfo off"
 + Wirz SLI driver
 + 16x2 support (server only)
 + MtxOrb generic output support in driver
 * Misc libc5 fixes
 + support for arbitrary display sizes; anything 16-80 characters
   wide, and 2-25 characters tall.  (doesn't work if you try to use
   a display size bigger than your LCD..  :)
 * curses driver looks slightly better (titles)
 * sizes > 20x4 no longer crash
- Previous Versions If you want them! -
Download it from:
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